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Jefferson Township Falcons Football Classic Discount Card

Jefferson Township Falcons Football Classic Discount Card

  • $10.00

The Jefferson Township Falcons Football Team is running a fundraiser to purchase the items they need to make their season great. You can help them with a small $10 contribution and in return, you receive the 2019 Jefferson Township Falcons Football Classic Discount Card! It includes multiple use discounts to over 20 businesses in the East Haven area. It also includes additional savings online.

Card Discounts
Multiple Use discounts at the following businesses:
  • MCDONALD'S (Lake Hopatcong)
  • DUNKIN DONUTS (Rt. 15 North/South, & Lake Hopatcong)
  • DUNKIN DONUTS (Oak Ridge)
  • LOX, STOCKED & BAGELED (Oak Ridge)
  • ADAM'S BAGELS (Lake Hopatcong)
  • AJ'S COUNTRY CONE (Oak Ridge)
  • DELI WORKS (Oak Ridge)
  • WORKING DELI (Oak Ridge)
  • 3 BROTHERS PIZZA (Lake Hopatcong)
  • VINNY & SON PIZZA (Lake Hopatcong)
  • J. TOWNE PIZZA (Lake Hopatcong)
  • WENDY'S (Lake Hopatcong)
  • JEFFERSON DINER (Lake Hopatcong)
  • GALA FLORIST (Lake Hopatcong)
  • CALIFORNIA TANNING CLUB (Rt. 46 Ledgewood)
  • LEGENDS CAR WASH (Rt. 46 Ledgewood)
  • GREAT CLIPS (Oak Ridge)
  • CASTLE COVE MINI-GOLF (Lake Hopatcong)
Access The NFP Sports Savings Club
Your card also gives you access to the NFP Sports Savings Club. It includes manufacturer coupons, online discounts & travel discounts. Check your card for details. 
    We will ship your products for a small fee. Upon check out, simply select the student-athlete you wish to purchase from and they will receive credit for the sale. Please note, ALL online sales will be shipped for our office in Suffield, CT and will NOT be delivered by a student-athlete.
    As with all of our discount fundraising products, no less than 50% of every sale goes towards our participating sports teams. Thank you for supporting youth & high school sports and enjoy your #HIGHIMPACTSAVINGS!