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Westhill Vikings Football Premium Discount Card

Westhill Vikings Football Premium Discount Card

  • $20.00

The Westhill Vikings Football Team is running a fundraiser to purchase the items they need to make their season great. You can help them with a small $20 contribution and in return, you receive the 2017 Westhill Vikings Football Premium Discount Card! It includes 3 VIP Key Tags & additional Flash & Save coupons. Valid for multiple use at leading businesses in the greater Stamford area including additional savings online.

VIP Key Tags

Exclusive Flash & Save Discounts (multiple use) at the Following Establishments:

  • Bobby Valentine's (Stamford): 10% OFF Total Bill (Excl. Alcohol; 1 per table/visit; Not to be combined)
  • Bertucci's (Darien): FREE Appetizer w/ purchase of 2 Entrees (1 per table/visit; Not to be combined)
  • Buffalo Wild Wings (Stamford): FREE Snack Size Boneless Wings w/ purchase of small size boneless wings (1 per table/visit; Not to be combined)
Card Back
 Additional Flash & Save Discounts at the following establishments:
  • DOMINO'S (Stamford)
  • VILLAGE BAGELS (Stamford Locations)
  • SUBWAY (Stamford)
  • GIACOMO'S DELI & MARKET (Stamford)
  • PINE HILL DELI & GRILL (Stamford)
  • DAIRY QUEEN (Stamford)
  • DINOSAUR BBQ (Stamford)
  • ZODY'S AT STERLING (Stamford)
  • ZODY'S 19TH HOLE (Stamford)
  • VINNY'S BACKYARD (Stamford)
  • THE WEINERY (Stamford)
  • PLANET PIZZA (All Locations)
  • MICHELINA'S PIZZA (Stamford)
  • WEDGE INN (Stamford)
  • LIZ SUE BAGELS (Stamford)
  • RON'S DELI (Stamford)
  • HANK MAY'S GOODYEAR (Norwalk & Stamford)
  • TOWN FAIR TIRE (All Locations)
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